ADORABLE: The sweetest way to wake up a human – Bino’s Style

Hey, human, wakey wakey 🙂

I’ve never met a person who gets up early in the morning without a struggle. I for one thing can’t get out of bed until I am already late, and believe me, I know very well how annoying that is to other people. I only wish there was an easier way.  After watching this video and seeing this guy, I realized that I haven’t really explored all the options. His recipe for waking up with a smile on a face is pretty simple and sweet. Get a cat! 😉

Independent they may be, but cats still enjoy the company of their humans and are willing to cuddle and snuggle, usually by their own terms. Regardless, I completely adore them. They welcome us home, talk to us, seek attention in the most hilarious ways, and are affectionate, especially when their human is not paying attention or has some very important things to do.

However, Bino is nothing like that. He is a cute tuxedo cat, giving kisses and head bonks to his human, in the cutest attempt to wake the man up! And he has done it perfectly! Who needs an alarm clock and snooze buttons, when kitty cats can make the start of a day simply wonderful. Check this out 🙂