Two Dogs Meet Kitten For The First Time, So Mom Decides To Record It

It’s all about making that first impression. 😉

Five adorable foster kittens wait in the living room to meet the household dogs named Wally and Buster. The little ones are very curious and try everything to get the dogs’ attention, but the two pooches remain unimpressed and have no reaction to kittens’ efforts. Isn’t it enough that their entire lives have changed because of the new comers? Okay, they can adapt, but they don’t have to like it.

However, there is one super determined kitten. Her name is Louise, and guess what? She will stay with these guys…

This is their story:

What a wonderful video!

I guess, eventually they will fall in love with her… She is a kitten for crying out loud… 🙂 And we already know that kittens are irresistable, right?

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