Watch Cats’ Reactions In This Hilarious Litter Box Ad… OMG, I’m Cracking Up!

I’m in tears!

When these kitties discover a very unusual litter box in their homes, they cannot contain their utter shock and disbelief. Could it be that all this is needed so that humans could harvest our poop easily? Is it an obsession? Why is our turd so valuable to them, what do they need it for? Are they using us? Amazing things go trough their adorable little heads… who knows, maybe felines do have such wild imagination.

Now you just have got to watch the ad to see for yourself, you won’t regret it! It is definitely a chuckle out loud video.


Omg, I loved this!

Cats in commercials are the best thing ever, and we have plenty of those here at pawstories. But THIS is one of my favorites!

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