Watching This Cat Dreaming Is Completely Hilarious

By the way, you can see his brother watching him, too…

Watching cats sleeping is really relaxing. The peaceful look on their faces, perhaps a twitching paw, and then the stretch. If they have a cuddle buddy, the pleasure is even bigger. Kittens or fully grown cats, they are a pleasure to watch. And then they start dreaming 🙂


[spacer height=”10px”]I remember the first time I saw my cat dreaming. He was laying there beside me, and then the strangest thing happened – he had his eyes wide open, was meowing and growling… Geeez, the kitty really scared me. Well, this sleepy feline looks scary and funny at the same. The most intense part comes at 0:34. Enjoy!

This kitty is an intense dreamer

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