This Cat’s Reaction To Her Human Singing is EVERYTHING right now!

Sunny the cat is not your average kitty. She came all the way from Saudi Arabia, where Marriane Kane’s husband found her and decided to adopt her (her mom was nowhere to be found).

After she settled in her new home, the kitten grew up into this majestic cat. But still there was something peculiar about her.

It all started unexpectedly, a year ago, when Marriane noticed that Sunny would come running towards her whenever she sang, no matter what the kitty was doing. Not only would she run, but she’d also do the sweetest thing ever…

Just wait till you see it!

Kitty Loves It When Her Human Sings

Wow! That was amazing!

This fur ball really enjoys listening to her human singing. My cats come this close to me only when I’m eating, LOL!

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