Woman Thinks She Lost Her Cat In House Fire. Two Months Later The Kitty Was Found

Two months after a fire destroyed a home in South Haven, Mich, the most amazing thing happened. A family’s cat has been found alive by no other than the family dog.

Christine Marr was having just a typical day at work, when she received a phone call that would change her life forever. A local firefighter called her to let her know that her home was up in flames. The woman was not too worried about the building, but pretty concerned about her pets that were trapped inside.

Ringer, Chloe and Smoke were all stranded in the house. Chloe the dog was immediately found. It took the use of oxygen to revive her, but the pup survived the ordeal. Unfortunately, Smoke the cat did not make it out alive.

As for Ringer, it was assumed that he had perished in the fire as well. Christine was saddened by the loss of her kitties, but she knew she had to hold on and help her dog recover after everything she’d been through.

However, she never gave up hope and continued to look for Ringer.

Two months had gone by, Christine was ready to give up and start dealing with the fact that Ringer had crossed the rainbow bridge. Until, one day, she and her husband took a trip back home since the fire, and the most incredible thing happened!

Chloe found a gap in the wall and began to shove her head inside of it repeatedly. After a while, Christine went to check out what the fuss was all about. When she heard a meow, she thought it was one of the barn cats that had become stuck, but she was up for a big surprise!

Ringer was right there, curled up inside! It was miracle that he managed to survive 60 days without food or water! That cat is a miracle!

The poor fella lost half of his weight, so some medical care was needed.

Now, that Ringer has reunited with his family, he is expected to make a full recovery.

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