Cat Gives Birth To Seven Kittens, Then Dog Decides To Be Their Dad!

Meet Terra, a cat mom who gave an expected surprise to her human. Though she seemed to be gaining some weight, the kitty was actually pregnant and brought seven little kitten miracles into this world.

Terra was a loving mom, and took care of her precious babies. Here is a photo of her nursing the little ones.

However, one of the house dogs also took an interest in the litter. That was Archie. He was gradually allowed to come closer and closer to the kittens, and the best part is – cat momma didn’t mind at all.

The dog decided to become a cat dad!

He would lick them all over and watch tight over them. There was not a doubt in his mind that he was not their daddy. He would also protect them from the other house dog, not letting the pooch come close to the babies. Once he even kidnapped two kittens, LOL.

“I was watching TV and looked down and he had carried two out to chill with us…he even brought one into my bed” – their human explained.

Fortunately, all of Terra’s kittens are adopted now and one of them still lives with Archer! Here is a photo of dad and son enjoying their time together.

These two are pawsitevely a bonded pair and that is so amazing.

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