Daddy Thinks Cat Wants In And Opens The Door. But Wait ‘Til You See What She REALLY Wants!

Okay, so we’ve all been there. Your cat sitting in front of the door and meows continuously, then you get up to open the door, and ta-dah, she’s no longer interested in going anywhere… Typical feline behavior, right LOL 🙂

But Nala is not that kind of girl.

This pretty kitty had a very good reason why she wanted the door to open. It’s not to go inside, it’s not to have a snack, but something both her and her human will benefit from.

Just watch the video below and you’ll see she never even wanted to go in to begin with. Let me just remind you that winter is Nala’s favorite time of the year 😉

Find out what’s on Nala’s mind

No wonder Nala loves the snow when she has all that gorgeous fur to keep her warm and dry.

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Thank you.