Crazy Supermarket Advert Featuring Cats Is The Funniest Video Ever

What does it take to create a successful ad? If you asked advertising moguls of today, they’d say – feature some cute little critters, such as – cats!

So, that’s how they’ve come up with this adorable ad for biscuits, or that’s why we have cats in an office, and yes, some kitties were so wild that cowboys were needed to herd them. Yes, everything is possible these days.

This German grocery store decided to follow suit, and use the kitty cuteness to their advantage. The store, called Netto, chose the most internet-famous cats to be the stars of their ad and you can see their adorable faces in the video!

Finally, I bet you can’t wait any longer. I promise, this video will make you laugh out loud.

Watch the supermarket advert HERE