Cute Fluffy Kitten Has The Squeakiest Little Meows! Volume Up For This One!

This little ball of fluff just squeaked her way right into my heart.

So, we are quite aware that cats meow. Most of us are also familiar with that chirping sound they make when they see a bird. We have a few examples here at pawstories – these cute kitties right here. We have heard that very soft voice of feline moms when they talk to their babies – for example this kitty cat.

But, sometimes, even the most ordinary meows can sound a little bit strange.

We had this little cutie who didn’t get his meow right, and now we have this fluffy furball with the squeakiest little meows.

Just hear her out, she is adorable 🙂

Omg, how cute was that?

Isn’t it amazing how cats never cease to amaze us!

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