They decided to surprise their kitten, this is the reaction

When you finally get that thing you’ve always wanted.

There is no better feeling in the world than receiving a present you’ve been craving for. First of all, it says that the person who gave it to you really cares about you and knows you well. Second of all, it’s like a dream come true! Finally, you get to enjoy something that has somehow always been slipping through your fingers, but from now on – it is yours. Yeeey!

So, you could only imagine the happiness and excitement this kitty feels about her new tree! She is excited as she can be!

Watch This Kitten’s Reaction To The Best Present Ever!

LOL, seeing a happy kitty just fills my heart with joy!

I only wish my cats were this expressive. They usually respond with loud meows whenever I get off of my chair.

But, hey, that’s cats for ya 🙂