Homeless Dog Nurses An Abandoned Kitten, Proves That Love Works Miracles

Maternal instinct is the most powerful force of nature.

What happened in this ravine in South Carolina is so fascinating it reached national news and I honestly believe that everyone should know about it. It is a story of motherly love.

Rescuers believe that this homeless dog, a tiny Shih Tzu, was out exploring when she found a starving kitten. She stayed with him and that is when a miracle happened. Even though she had no puppies of her own, she was able to nurse the little kitty. It’s a phenomenon called a “pseudo pregnancy”, wherein a female can actually start nursing to care for a baby – even if the baby isn’t hers. It’s rare, but it happens.

Even after the rescue, Goldie the dog and Kate the kitten remained inseparable.

Watch the whole story here

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