This Is Seriously The Funniest Sleepy Kitten I’ve Ever Seen! Too Cute!

Why do cats fight sleep still remains a mystery…

Our cats are our babies, our beloved family members, and we, as cat lovers, devote our lives to pampering and spoiling them, and we pretty much enjoy every second of it. So, it would be safe to say there’s nothing for them to be scared of or worry about in a family that truly adores them.

So it really amazes me why cats and kittens try so hard to stay awake when it’s obvious they are all conked out… At first I thought it was a kitten thing, but when I saw my adult kitty struggling real hard not to fall asleep, I was left totally flabbergasted!

Now, check out this adorable fur ball who simply refuses to sleep. He is truly precious!

OMG, how cute was that?

I just wanted to pick that little fur ball up and hold it in my arms until it falls asleep.

But, that won’t stop me from watching the video again. 🙂 If you loved it too, please remember to SHARE!